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Sixto Marco Marco - artistic painter from ELCHE (Alicante), Spain 1916-2002.


This site will inform about his life biography and show a collection of representative work pieces.

SIXTO born 25th Jan.1916 as only child to Sixto Marco Sanchez and Maria Marco Vives.

SIXTO a man with many talents was a most creative artist with a wide variety of techniques in paintings and also in sculptures. His work have a very high merit in originality and self created style.

He was acting as San Juan for many years in the annual MISTERI taking place in ELCHE. It's a drama sacra -lyrical with medieval origin approximately from XVI century.

His splendid singing voice was discovered during the Spanish civil war and he performed during 25 years as San Juan.

His passion for the MISTERI have always been a cornerstone in SIXTO's life work.
His first individual exhibition of art 16th april 1956 in Alicante.He exposed 30 oil paintings and focused around the MISTERI theme.

The reception was excellent so his vocation for art was now confirmed. In the years that followed he made several journeys abroad Paris, Italy, Amsterdam. Early paintings had a surrealistic origin with a conceptual newness. The main protagonist of SIXTO's work is the image of man. It became his generic name.

SIXTO uses besides the reiterative one, other elements of distortion like anatomical displacements. The gallery demonstrate the evolution of his artistic life. The work of SIXTO is easily recognised for it's special originality and distinct style with unlimited variations.

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